Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer of Significance

 This Spring and Summer have proven to be lots of things going on with much significance for our family. So much to blog about, but so little time. So, I decided to list our happenings!

#10. Rebekah went out for the tennis team this spring. She loves tennis and is developing quite a skill. She made it to regionals with her doubles partner, Victoria! For 7th and 8th grade girls, playing high school seniors, they lost, but did very well. We were very proud of them!

#9. May continued with  Dan's annual Odle/ Cremer fishing trip his family takes every year with some of the men in his family. This year proved to be an even greater one, because Jacob was old enough to finally go. He and Dan had a wonderful time with Dan's dad! They fished, ate, ate and fished! Jacob baited, fished, and cleaned the fish. Jake was very proud and so excited to be able to go.

#8. We decided we had outgrown our house this winter and decided to put it on the market, thinking it would take a while in our economy to sell. So we put in on the market in late April and it sold within three days! So needless to say, we began to frantically pack our belongings in order to get out within 15 days! THAT WAS FUN!!  I didn't think I would be as emotional as I was to leave it though. I began to think about everything that we had done, and all the get-togethers' we'd had. I loved that little house, and I shed some tears pulling out of the drive one last time as I took this picture.

#7. Micah graduated from preschool. Micah has had his share of issues, but were so elated to see him up on the stage with the rest of his class participating in graduation. He will go to kindergarten next year. This will be a totally new chapter in his little life and ours! When I think about it, I have to catch my breath because it's really hard to believe he's going to kindergarten. We are hopeful about his future and pray he can get the help he needs  in school to catch up with his peers... I will expound later.

#6. After frantically packing and closing on our house, which by the way, is a blessing. We were homeless and needed a place to live fast.. so we moved out of our house and into a three bedroom apartment for the time being until our house is built! It has been a little crowded, but we're making it and realizing what we can live without. Our family is getting a lot of "together time" too. LITERALLY SPEAKING!  I told the kids to think of it as an extended vacation...so we are!!!


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