Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Big 1st Birthday

It happened, sooner than I thought. I was just living life and she did it. She turned one! Growing up before my eyes, my sweet little Ella!
On April 28th, 2009, I went for my routine Dr's visit, wanting him to so badly send me to the hospital. After the exam, he looked at me and said, "See you in September" meaning, no change, I wasn't  going anywhere. Usual.. all of my pregnancies have been like that. So we scheduled a routine induction for the next week. I then proceeded to call the family to set up childcare for the children for the next week. It was all planned. That evening, Dan took Micah  and the boys to swim lessons, and Bekah and I went to Target for a few last minute baby things. We met the boys at our favorite place for dinner, Puerta!  After dinner, it was late, so we gathered children, proceeded with our night time routine and bed. I headed for the couch, which had been pretty normal for me, I hadn't been able to sleep in my bed for two months. (sciatica) I remember, turning over to get some relief from my side, and it happened, my water broke. I headed for the bathroom and then looked at the clock in the kitchen, it said 3:04 a.m. I woke Dan and told him my water broke, he went back to sleep. I told him again and the second time it wasn't nice! We proceeded to head out the door with no one to watch the children, so I called my mother, my sister, and the next best thing, Kim, one of my dearest friends. Kim came and sat with the kids until 7:30. Then she had to go to work.
 So we proceeded to the hospital to check in, Dan got me settled and left around 7:30 to relieve Kim and get the kids squared away! Ten minutes after he left, six nurses came rushing in my room, elevated my feet over my head and one gave me a shot in the back of my arm to stop my labor. I knew something was wrong, this wasn't at all like my other deliveries. Ella wasn't tolerating labor, so they had to give me a c section within 20 minutes.. Dan got back just in time, and I had little Ella. The cord was wrapped around her neck and her arm. The Dr. said she would've never been able to make it on her own! Praise Jesus for modern medicine!
I had planned a big "Derby" bash outside, but the rain decided we would stay in. It was a little crowded with people and LOVE, which was the best part of all. So glad our families and sweet friends could make it in for the occasion, even my sister could come!! YAY SIS! This year has been a year of many ups and downs (post pardom depression) I'll write about that later! However, the Lord is gracious and He has lifted me out of the pit!! As I relished in the moment, I reflected on how incredibly blessed I am. So grateful for healthy babies, and what a miracle life is!  I will be forever amazed and in awe of grace upon grace  He gives to me. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful blessing of Ella Grace and all the many blessings you so graciously give.


Ashley said...

So adorable! She is just precious. I had a difficult time after Evy was born because my family had just moved away. It was tough!

By the way, if you ever want a custom blog header, I do them for my friends just for fun :) Just let me know!

Mandy said...

So sweet! What a blessing=) My water has never broken! I bet that was so weird!

Stephanie said...

Ashley, I would love it!! Go for it!!

Dana said...

What kind of Dr. doesn't know when your water will break??? I KNOW!!! Great post...your life is so blessed. Enjoy as you enter the world of "Living Life" instead of "Making It." I love it myself!!!

Tell Jake I said hi!!