Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Down to #2

#2. This summer we've been at the pool just about every day of the week. Bekah and Jaron went out for the swim team.. so I've been lugging them up to the pool just about every morning. So, you know what they say about the oldest and the youngest. The youngest always gets drug along and eventually will catch on. Micah has struggled with swimming, even though we've been at the pool every summer since he was a newborn. But this year.. it just clicked! HE GOT IT! A couple of weeks ago, after swim team practice, he went off the diving board, with no life jacket, and no floats. He's been a fish ever since! That's four down,  and one to go. (kids swimming independently, that is!) Momma is happy!!

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Joanna said...

LOVE IT! I have great memories of swim team growing up!! :)