Thursday, July 8, 2010

Significance -Continued

#3. Bekah turned 13
 The day began with singing in the apartment. Bekah said she really wanted to spend the day with her best friend, Alyvia. So, at noon, she and I went to  get her to spend the night with us. At 1:49 pm (her birth time) she opened her big gifts... money from grandparents, art supplies, clothes, and a laptop with an art easel. She was so happy! We headed to the pool, out to dinner, the mall for shopping and strawberry fraps, and then home for mani's, pedi's and movies!
I guess the most precious part of the night was when Dan gave Bekah a promise (purity) ring. We had  just finished reading "Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy" earlier in the year and the book talked a lot about purity, finding the right prince, and being a princess of the King! So I found this great box with a crown on it, and put the ring inside with an inscription. It was a very tender moment between all of us, including Alyivia,  who promised to keep her accountable. I watched her glissen as her dad took her by the hand and spoke to her. I pictured her barely walking, paci in her mouth, with her cute little blond curls bouncy up and down.  I saw her as a four year old, playing with her 50 stuffed puppy dogs on her bed,  imagination running wild, doing cartwheels in the hallway, watching Cinderella,  and  writing on my comforter  and on the walls with sharpie marker ( that wasn't a great memory). My sweet little peanut playing in the dirt, sandbox, sprinkler, and anything else she could climb on!! I teared up for a moment, and then smiled. It was a very strange, sad, but wonderful feeling all at the same time. I know my little girl is growing up, and its all good!  Happy birthday to my sweet Rebekah Katherine.  I love you more than words can say.


Ashley said...

This made me teary! How precious!

Mandy said...

Ok I am totally crying!

Dana said...

Crying here too!!! I have had a really hard week realizing that my oldest is growing up and doesn't need his mom near as much anymore! I know this the way God intends it to be, but it is still so hard!!!
Becca is a beautiful girl and I would love to get to know her better!!

Annette said...

tears are falling here too.