Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Faithful friends who are dear to us.. gather near to us....

Last Thursday, Dan and I held our once a year praise team party for our praise team and band. It's something we've done since we've been at Highview. It's always a great time. Lots of friends, and lots of laughs. In our ten years at Highview, we've seen so many people come and go, but there are still some of the "old faithful" still involved! These people are not only a talented worship team that lead our people weekly in worship, but they have become family to us. People who we have weeped and prayed with, rejoiced with, and fellowshipped with! Our babysitters, brothers and sisters, and our parents away from home. We love these faithful friends, servants, and brothers in sisters in Christ. Yet, there are always new ones every year added to the fold. We always look forward to getting to know them as well. So thankful for the opportunity to know these people and serve with them.

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