Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Birthday

Jaron turned eight on December 6th. Jaron was super pumped about having his best bud Nathan over to stay all night. (The beauty of homeschooling... staying all night on a Sunday night!) Love it!! We went to Incredible Dave's Sunday evening and took Nathan with us.. Realizing that after having one extra child in the car... if we were to add to our fam any more... We would, without question, need to purchase a fifteen passenger! They played and ate and ate and played. A fun time was had by all! We came home, opened presents, and had cake! My fave. Nathan got Jaron a Louisville Cardinal shirt. He is a major Kentucky Wildcat fan, so....If getting your friend a Louisville shirt isn't love, I don't know what is! They are two very precious boys and its so fun to watch them play.. no agenda.. no pretense... just pure, untainted love! A great example and blessing they are to me. If all of our friendships could be like that. WOW!! Hope you had a happy birthday Jar! I love you.

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