Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Birthday Baptism

This past Sunday, November 22nd was Dan's birthday. As with all birthday's in our house, it's a special day. This birthday, however, was an extra special day. Jacob, our oldest son, was baptized at our combined campus service. Dan was honored to baptize him. As I stood in the wings taking pictures, a thousand things rushed to my head. I thought about the day he was born, the day he was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and the day the doctor told us he would not be normal. I thought about the many nights we cried and prayed for him.. not only for this day but for many days to come. I thought about all the days I watched him grow and mature to the boy he is today. He is a joy! Today, he's very normal, loves people, has a heart for the Lord, and a great blessing to me every day!! I had prayed for his salvation before he was born, and it was amazing to be able to pray with him when he made the decision to follow Christ. I was blessed to be able to walk with him and witness his declaration.... I was beyond words.. I am also grateful for a husband who is a great example to him... in all ways. Joy was bursting from my heart and it was a wonderful feeling!! Happy Birthday to my awesome husband of almost 16 years..... and so proud of my boy who was obedient today to the call of his Savior, Jesus Christ! AMEN!!


Dana said...

AWESOME!!!! Tell Jacob I am proud to be his sister in Christ. He is a very special boy and I have enjoyed getting to know him this year.

Adam said...

Just Awesome!!!!! Can't imagine what a feeling it can be to experience this as a parent. When one of my church kids that I have or have had in RA's become Christians, I just get the special feeling like no other knowing what decision they have made. Congrats! Now we need to pray for his continual discipleship. You've got a great family. May God continue to bless all of you!

Ashley said...

So exciting! Also...I LOVE the new pictures on your header and sidebar...I guess I'm just now seeing them!?! They're awesome!