Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music Team Ladies

The one thing that I've always enjoyed and looked forward to, since being at Highview, are fun times with the praise team ladies. We've been at East and Fegenbush both.. and I have to say, those have been some of the sweetest times in our ten years here. Did I just say that? Ten years?! A couple of Saturdays ago was no exception. Three sweet ladies on our music team are expecting and we had a sweet ladies luncheon for them. A labor of love on my part, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hosting! I'm especially proud of the cake from scratch (yes I'm bragging!) It is a true honor for me to celebrate with each of them.
Meg(boy) Ashley(girl) and Kim(boy).. are going to be great momma's! So happy for them.

My "from scratch" Lemonade cake... Amazing! (still bragging)

The "ya ya sisterhood"

The girls with their baskets

Bekah and her bff Alyvia helped serve.

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