Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ahh.. the Christmas Season. I love it! Although it has been a rough fall for me, Christmas has been full of fun. It started with my big Jar's 7th birthday. Where does the time go? Then... we had a great field trip with some fellow homeschoolers to the old candy factory. (What a fun trip!) and yesterday we found out we are having a girl.. Bekah and I are so excited to have some company in our family. The children were all present at the untrasound and were amazed to see the baby moving and pictures of her! It was so cool. Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. I am again reminded of how wonderful it is to have a great husband who provides and loves our family. We feel so blessed and are amazed at how God provides and protects us even when we are unaware! I will blog again soon with all our Chirstmas activities next week!


Seven Sojourners said...

A Girl!!!!!!! How great is that! Poor fellows who want to try to date her one day with all those strapping big brothers :) Congratulations!

Katrina said...

Wow! Congratulations on another girl. I was hoping for another girl for you and Bekah!!!